Associazione Turistica Pro Loco Buonalbergo (Bn)

English – regulation

Fundraising Lottery event regulation “Lend Your Face”

Art. 1

Fundraising either online or with printed tickets and taking part on the competition “Presta il tuo volto”: organized by the Local Tourist Association Pro Loco di Buonalbergo, is occasional and has the only purpose is to finance the work and achievements of the artist Jorit Agoch.

Art. 2

The artist will create a hand-painted artwork on a wall that will immortalize two characters of our story, Boemondo and Alberada from Buonalbergo, but in a costume of the past. The faces will be those of two common people, who will be drawn amongst all those partecipating in this event. The proceeds of the donation will be used to promote local and regional development and work. This work will be done in the heart of the historical town of Buonalbergo, on a 12mt x 8mt wall, which runs along via R. Angelini.

Art. 3

With a donation of 10,00£ to the “Local Tourist Association Pro Loco Buonalbergo” you will be able to participate in the extraction lottery. In order to be able to take part, you must make the donation, sign up the participation form and attach a passport photo-size. The donation process can be carried out both with the Association’s staff and online on the For all those donations made online, at the end of the procedure, an e-mail will be sent, indicating a receipt of donation with an identification number useful for the lottery draw.

Art. 4

Donations can be deduced for 19% of their value, when they are:

  • Up to a maximum of € 2065.83;

  • Paid through a bank or postal transfer, credit or debit card, non-transferable and non-paper bank cheque. For online donations made by credit card, in the case of a request by the financial administration, it is sufficient to be in possession of the receipt and show the bank statement of the company managing the card.

Art. 5

Donations will start on August 7th, at 11.00 am, both at Cascina Panari and online and during which the presentation of the back stage of event will take place. During this occasion a staff of professionals engaged in the preparation of models, will parade in medieval costumes through the streets of the ancient town till they reach the set chosen for the creation of the art work.

Art. 6

Donation will stop on October 29 at 20:00. Subsequently, it will be announced on the website of the Local Tourist Association Pro Loco of Buonalbergo the date and the procedure of the lottery extraction.

Art. 6 bis

The procedures will take place on October 29 at 21:00 at Piazza Michele de Juliis, in Buonalbergo, in the presence of a special purpose commission

Art. 7

To choose the two people who will lend their faces to Boemondo and Alberada, there will be two separate extractions: one for the male and one for the female figures. The results of the lottery procedures will be promptly communicated to facilitate the subscription of the form. The subjects undertake they will be available both for the artist and to the Pro Loco of Buonalbergo and will participate, in a period to be decided, in the backstage of the preparation of the artwork.

Art. 8

You can ask for information about the event on mail:, any other event information will be published on

Art. 9

As far as not specified hereafter please refer to the laws and regulations currently in force about the public fundraising matter. In case of dispute the competent forum is Benevento.

If the winners live abroad and cannot come to Buonalbergo, they will be contacted by the Pro Loco, in order to send the necessary permissions and some digital photos.